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© All rights reserved by Renovate Right "We would like to thank you and your staff for the beautiful renovation of our master bedroom and master bath. It looks exactly like we pictured it should be." Every home has different needs for a bathroom, and if , on waste, because bathrooms can be a major source of water waste. Low-flush toilets and showerheads designed to offer low-flow functionality can be a big , help, as can showerheads with a cutoff feature allowing you to set the temperature and other characteristics and stop the flow of water at any time as for example when you're shampooing your hair and don't need the water running. As you start thinking about expanding a small bathroom, you may also be imagining a new arrangement for your toilet, sink, and shower. Be careful. Moving plumbing around can add substantially to the cost of a bathroom remodel, and it can require more time, too. You might want to consider retaining the existing so-called "wet wall" with all the shared plumbing or keeping things more or less where they are in order to save costs on your expansion. If you absolutely must move plumbing, talk to a plumber about the best way to proceed.bathroom renovation for elderlyIn most homes, a little bit of loose carpet is no big deal. But in the home of a senior relative, it could be extremely dangerous or even fatal. Today, the majority of seniors are opting to age in place, which , means their homes likely need some extra attention to make sure that its safe for aging adults, whether its a senior bathroom """"""""



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