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Whether you plan to pack and unpack your house yourself, or you prefer to leave it all to the MOVINGHOUSE professionals, a range of tailored solutions to perfectly suit your needs can be arranged. The costs for relocating a 1.5 room apartment : are CHF 781 on average. For 2.5 room apartments, a relocation costs an , There are several factors to keep in mind before your shipping container delivery takes place. There are no two ways about it: a long-distance , move has a lot of considerations attached. When youre picking up your life from one city and moving it to another, emotions can run high and even the smallest of inconveniences can seem insurmountable. So when a moving company gives you a span of dates on which theyll be picking up and/or dropping off your stuff instead of a specific date and time, your first instinct might be to go absolutely haywire. But wait: theres a reason behind the moving and storage companies near meAt QC Movers, we take great pride in the fact that roughly 35% of all our moves result from referrals and repeat customers. 3. Try our Virtual Move Survey to get a move estimate without the need for us to visit your home. Using your mobile phone, we can connect, remotely survey , your household items, and deliver a fast and accurate move quote. Anthony and Pascal, immediately attended to my need to move a small office in a weeks time. It was done and it went smoothly. Cost perfect, moving team efficiently handled by Steve. This is the second time I used Moishe's services and will do it again!! Packing is perhaps the most tedious and time-consuming part of moving to a new home. Luckily, our professional packers have you covered, and we’ll provide all of the necessary equipment and supplies Well make sure your valued possessions are packed properly, so everything arrives in one piece. """"""""


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